Summer is right around the corner and it’s time for a major beauty tune-up! Between the extremes of skiing one day and fighting the harsh elements, to blissfully tanning and spending most of your time outdoors, spring calls for some serious skin care prep and repair. It’s also the ideal time to kick-start any kind of beauty regimen. From lightening your locks to revving up a patchy, dull complexion, to giving your feet some much deserved TLC, don’t forget to adapt your skincare routine accordingly.

By Christine-Elizabeth Laprade

We have found some brilliant tools and products worth adding to your beauty regimen. Here are a few fun ways to transition into the sassy, sexy, sunny season.

Dynamic Duo on the Go by Sephora Collection, $15

An incredibly practical, compact facial brush for women on the go. The brush offers two exfoliating surfaces (bristles and soft silicone) and comes in a ventilated travel case. Perfect for a weekend getaway, a sexy sleepover or to take up less space in your toiletry bag while jet-setting. Available at Sephora and

Phytomillesime Color Locker Pre-Shampoo by Phyto Paris, $48

This product is undisputedly at the forefront of the new line specifically created for highlighted and color-treated hair; Phytomillesime. Praised for its approach to beauty (a healthy scalp for a healthy mane), Phyto’s formulas actually boast the highest concentration of pure plant extracts on the market, on top of being 95% natural. The specificity of this novel color-locker pre-shampoo lies in its ability to prevent stripping the color out of freshly dyed hair, which in turn, helps prevent fading. The gel-in-oil formula also fixes and protects the hair color. A must. Available online at

Caviar Lime Acid Peel by Lancer Skincare, $115

Skincare guru and creator of The Method, a 3-step beauty routine brought to fame by Victoria Beckham, Dr. Harold Lancer can claim a slew of A-list celebs amongst his clientele. That didn’t stop him from launching a skincare line that is meant to address specific issues such as aging and acne-prone skin. His most recent innovative advanced treatment consists of meticulously chosen powerful ingredients such as a 10% concentration in glycolic acid, pineapple and papaya fruit enzymes, phytic acid (the most gentle acid), caviar lime (an Australian fruit rich in AHAs) and last but not least, retinol, for a foolproof triple approach to exfoliation. It can be used twice a week (especially during transitional seasons) and left on the skin for up to an hour for maximum results. It is ideal to prime the skin before oil starts clogging the pores due to dirt, heat, and sweat. Available at Sephora and


Oral-B Genius Pro 8000 Rechargeable Electric Toothbrush, $269.99

In-office annual whitening treatment. Floss. Tongue scraper. Whitening toothpaste. A good quality toothbrush. Looking to up the ante? Look no further: the Oral-B Genius Pro 8000 Rechargeable Electric Toothbrushisbothrose gold and Bluetooth-compatible. Technology has undeniably taken the oral hygiene market by storm recently, with makers adding more and more decadent features and even turning the electric toothbrush into a coveted object of design. The Genius allegedly uses position detection technology, which essentially involves a motion sensor that hooks up to a smartphone via Bluetooth, in order to use video recognition to achieve maximum plaque removal. Other features include a sensor that monitors and corrects pressure, a brushing timer, 12 different coloured LED lights (!), a smartphone holder and an app for real-time feedback. We’re adding this to our wish list immediately. Available in pharmacies or online at

Whitening Therapy toothpaste by Crest, $5.96

Since an attractive smile should never be underestimated, here’s a seemingly more budget-friendly way to upgrade yours if you live on coffee and red wine like most of us: the newly launched Whitening Therapy toothpaste by Crest, which consists of a variety of nourishing and strengthening, yet ultra-gentle, mineral-infused whitening formulas. Ideal for those who have sensitive teeth. Available in pharmacies.


Cold sore protection and remedy gel by lipivir, $26.99

Temperature extremes (aka cranked up office AC and blistering summer heat) and stress make for a very bad duo and can trigger flare-ups like no other. Statistically speaking, 60-80% of adults carry the HSV1 virus in the form of cold sores. This new over-the-counter ointment is completely drug-free, comes in a tiny, discreet tube (a major plus). Ideal to start using alone or in adjunction to your present cold sore medication, as there are zero side effects and it has been clinically proven to minimize the frequency of outbreaks. Goes on clear, so it can be applied under lipstick, where it will stay put. Can be purchased online directly via


Sensational Kiss So Soft Exfoliating Balm by Lise Watier, $24

When it comes to achieving a flawless pucker, this little gem is undisputed. Sunburned, chapped lips during bikini season sometimes seem nearly impossible to get rid of. The route to a smooth, supple pout includes the right lip care formulas and an incredibly gentle mechanical exfoliation, and this sugar crystal infused nourishing balm has it all. Available at the pharmacy and online via


Light Therapy Acne Spot Treatment by Neutrogena, $34.99

Meet the skincare hero who fights blemishes and shuts down automatically after every 2-minute treatment. The battery-operated device uses dermatologist in-office technology. The two different types of lights featured, red and blue, have been proven to successfully destroy bacteria (blue) whilst simultaneously reducing inflammation (red). A quintessential for impromptu touch ups throughout the day! Available in pharmacies and at


Shave & Smooth Facial Razor by Sephora Collection, $20

Ditch the peach fuzz and dramatically smooth out your complexion with a luxurious and incredibly stylish facial razor. Makeup artists swear by this tool for next-level makeup application, all around better skin care absorption and gentle exfoliation. Comes with 3 replacement blades. Available at Sephora and


Rose Quartz facial roller by Herbivore Botanicals, $57.52

Because very few things in life are as fulfilling as identifying new posh needs, here’s a rose quartz facial roller made from brass. Rose quartz is deemed a natural healing stone and is naturally cold as well. For an extra beneficial tightening kick, make sure to store it in the fridge. No two stones are exactly the same, as Herbivore praises an all-natural, toxic-free holistic approach to beauty. The most effective use of a facial roller is to use it after a brutally short night sleep, while specifically targeting the under-eye area. Everybody knows that you’re supposed to gently tap the delicate skin surrounding the eye area in order to de-puff the lids and minimize eye circles… This tool is the superhero that busy people need; it is naturally cooling, has 2 different stones and widths to choose from, and it effectively drains the eye area. And, let’s FACE it: it looks incredible. Offered online via