Here comes Christmas with its many parties and non-stop thematic music playing on the radio. As the season of traditions, watching a performance of the classic Christmas ballet The Nutcracker presented by Les Grands Ballets Canadiens will help inspire you and lift your Christmas spirit!


It’s a family thing

It’s pretty rare these days that you can find an activity that suits the needs of the whole family. Luckily for you, a presentation of The Nutcracker is the perfect event to bring every generation together!



It’s magical

Something about the mix of beautiful decor, classical music, and colorful costumes puts you in just the right mood to believe in magic again. Leave your cynicism  with the coat check and enjoy a true moment of fantasy.


It’s a cultural activity

Taking a break from your phone and computer for two hours might be the best gift you can give yourself during this holiday season. And if that break consists of seeing a century old Russian ballet that will force you to use your brain a little, it’s even better!


You don’t even have to like ballet

Actually, you don’t even have to like dance to enjoy a performance of  The Nutcracker. It is a beautiful story that happens to be expressed by people dancing, but it’s just the medium. You will be so entranced by the tale that dancing becomes almost secondary to the central story.



Netflix is not everything

Staying at home on a cold winter night to binge your favorite TV show sounds like pure bliss, but it can repetitive and boring if you never leave the house on the weekends. Shaking up your habits by going out for a night at the ballet is a great way of breaking the routine.


It’s good motivation

Looking at all those dancers bouncing and moving on stage might make you want to hit the gym more often. It’s truly impressive how they use their bodies to tell a story while making it look so effortless.


It’s a great excuse to be a child again

You have the right to get excited about the idea of watching a ballet where your favorite toys from your childhood come alive. Say goodbye to your resting bitch face  and too-cool attitude and let yourself be a kid again.



You can dress up

It’ not only  little girls who can wear their princess dresses. Seize the occasion to put on that fancy outfit you haven’t worn since New Year’s Eve two years ago, and don’t worry about being overdressed.


You can start a tradition

The holiday season is a time to build lifelong memories with your family and friends. What better way to do this than to create a new tradition of going to the The Nutcracker with the people you love the most!


It puts you in the Holiday Spirit

The Nutcracker is the quintessence of everything christmassy: the story takes place on a Christmas Eve and features magic, children, imaginary kingdoms, and a young girl awakening to the wider world and romantic love.



The Nutcracker by Fernaud Nault, December 11-30 2015.



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