We all know what happens on a third date, right? Maybe you’re more of a first date or thirtieth date type girl, but whatever your jam is, we all have our routines when it’s time to “hit a home run”. Here are our editors’ essentials for the proverbial third date.


Marie-Ève Venne

Lifestyle & Fashion Editor @marie_v23

KAT VON D Tattoo Liner in Trooper

“ The third date is really just a synonym for a lot of mouth to mouth action, and nothing is less sexy than ruinning your lipstick on someone elses lips. Nobody thinks the clown look is sexy —but I won’t judge if it’s your thing—and putting the focus on your eyes might be your best bet. I love to take my inspiration from the ’60s sex kittens and do a bold cat eye with this amazing eyeliner.”


Low Back Dress

“Most people might think a dress is a little bit too much for a casual date, but I think it is all about the way you accessorize it. I find there is something super sexy about a dress with a low back that shows just the right amount of skin, especially if it’s all black with no prints. And if I feel like the night is going nowhere after all, I will simply keep my jacket on and head back home for a hot date with my sweatpants.”



Bianca Taylor

Beauty Editor  @bianca_tay

A Great Body Wash

“Being super close to someone and smelling their strong perfume can be a little invasive. I like to opt for a body wash instead. The faint smell is definitely there but is never too aggressive. Because I hate smelling like a strawberry lemon-zest mochaccino coconut parfait, (most pharmacy washes offer something along those lines) I reach out for Byredo’s Bal D’Afrique Body Wash. The scent is inspired by 1920s Paris and is infused with dreamy notes of bergamot, lemon, and jasmin. What’s more sensual than that?”


Lace Lingerie

“Colourful underpinnings — think bows, diamonds, neon colours, frills, pom-poms — make me die a little inside. I’m a “all-black everything” under my clothes type of girl. Tried and tested lace bra and underwear are my go-tos. They require minimal effort and always looks sexy.”


A Great Pair of Jeans

“There’s nothing like falling back on your favourite pair of jeans for an instant pick me up and dash of confidence. I always reach for a high waisted fit when it’s time step up my game. A good pair will accentuate your waist and make your booty look like you’ve been doing squats all day err day.”



Mayillah Ezekiel

Beauty Editor @mayillahmakeupartist

CHANEL Coco Mademoiselle Eau de Parfum

“There’s no better compliment to an outfit than your signature scent. For me, that essential final step to getting ready is Chanel‘s Coco Mademoiselle. Fresh, vibrant, floral and delicate while being bold, free, sensual and feminine; this fragrance is the olfactory reflection of a woman who daringly writes her own destiny and breaks the rules. Dare I say wearing a few drops of your favorite perfume is the most crucial part of your presentation. No wonder Marilyn Monroe only wore Chanel N5 to bed.”


High Waisted Pencil Skirt

“Dressing for a night out is not always easy, that’s why pencil skirts are one of my favorite pieces of clothing in my wardrobe. They are super chic, flattering, and can be worn casually with a white t-shirt and leather jacket or more lavishly with a nice pair of heels. It’s versatility is what makes them perfect for any style of outfit and appropriate for a night out.”


NUXE Ultra-Nourishing Lip Balm Rêve de Miel

“Surprisingly, the last thing I want to worry about on a night out is if my lipstick is still on, or if I should touch it up. And this is coming from a red lipstick addict. With all the eating, talking, and drinking involved, I usually opt for a sheer lip balm like Nuxe’s Ultra-Nourishing Lip Balm. It is the only efficient lip balm I found with a matte finish. Since I only wear matte lipsticks anyway, and my lips will likely be stained by all the glasses of Merlot I’ve had, this matte lip balm seems like a good idea!”