No matter where the night takes us, those products are the ones we keep close to show the world the chicest version of ourselves.



Mayillah Ezekiel

Beauty Editor @mayillahmakeupartist


CHANEL Mirror Duo

“A touch-up makeup bag simply wouldn’t be complete without a compact mirror. This one has a regular mirror on one side, and a magnifying mirror on the other. Now, you can touch-up your makeup with elegance and style!



“I am a minimalist in most aspects of my life… Especially with my style. One way I like to amp up my style for a special occasion is to accessorize (with simplicity) by staking gold rings and other gold accents.”


MARC JACOBS Le Marc Creme Lipstick

“This lipstick stays on all day… seriously, and will not dry your lips. I love the rich, matte and velvety formula. It keeps your lips moisturized and delivers an instant boost of color. When I wear this lipstick, it usually stays on for 9 to 10 hours, even after eating and drinking (no lip pencil needed), so I can go out and have fun without having to worry about touching up. I absolutely love the color “Blow” (a dark burgundy color) and “Dashing” (a deep red color).”



Marie-Ève Venne

Fashion & Lifestyle Editor @marie_v23

YVES SAINT LAURENT Black Opium Fragrance

“Working for a fashion magazine also means creating new and pretty expensive needs for yourself. In my case, I started having this obsession for fragrances, to the point of picking a different one depending on my mood and the occasion. This one by YSL smells like what I imagine a rock star smells like, which is a mix between a strong espresso and some sweet accents like vanilla and orange blossom. I spray it on myself whenever I need to feel like the most elegant and seductive version of myself.”

A choker necklace

“I don’t care if Alexa Chung said it was already passé composé, I still feel a strong affection for the 2.0 version of that popular necklace. It adds the right amount of edge to any of my outfits, allowing me to feel perfectly dressed for every occasion, no matter where the night takes me.”

CHANEL Rouge Allure Velvet in La Boulversante

“Do I really need to explain my love for red lipsticks again? This lipstick is dramatic – made obvious just by its name – and puts a perfect shade of dark red on my lips. It is my go-to choice for a chic event or for the kind of the night where I need to turn myself into a wannabe vamp.”

DIOR Diorshow Mascara in Black

“Except for a quick cat eye, I don’t know how to do a great eye makeup. So I simply pile on super dark mascara that make my lashes look fuller and longer. This mascara by Dior does wonders for my thin lashes and makes me look more awake than I really am.”