When the cold breaks your soul so deep that only music can pickup the pieces.


Gladly for you, this season  is looking rad show-wise; a good excuse to give yourself a good kick in the ass and not stay at home crying in your bed because you miss summer. March is always the awkward transitioning month between winter and spring and quite frankly, it fucking sucks. I’ve put up a list of shows you have to go see to cheer yourself up before you loose your sanity or in common “fed up person words”: Loose your shit. Yes I know, I know, Bring Me The Horizon slipped into my list but hey, aren’t 90’s kids supposed to be nostalgic?


‘Cause together I know we can go through winter. (Pun intended)

Afraid Of Heights by Billy Talent

Begin the last month of winter with a fresh start: Billy Talent will be giving a show on the 1st day of March at Bell Center in Montreal and if you’re in a 90’s rock kind of vibe, it’s your chance to escape reality for a few hours and listen to a good old classic.





My “go to, rainy days” song

Messenger by Tea Party

I have been waiting for this for a while now and it’s finally happening. Still in the 90’s nostalgia vibe, this rock band will satisfy your wounded hearts on the 2nd of March at Montreal’s Metropolis.




She’s my sweetest downfall

Samson by Regina Spektor


Because who wouldn’t want miss Spektor to sing yourself to bed? I know I would. Her heartfelt songs, piano, soulful melodies and soft voice are just what you need to go through that last bit of cold on March 5th at Montreal’s Metropolis.





He’s an Englishman in New York; I’m a Frenchwomen in love with his work that will rush to get a pair of tickets

Englishman in New York by Sting

I’m not saying anything more than L-E-G-E-N-D. Just grab your ticket for March 6th at Montreal’s Metropolis and shut up, you won’t regret it at all.






Saturday nights are for wandering in the dark

Saturday nights by Devendra Banhart

Friday March 10th you know where to be: Montreal’s Metropolis for mister Banhart. If you’re in the mood for very one-off folk, book your spot a.s.a.p. His genre is truly unique and will cheer you up on gloomy days. Forget about bars on Fridays and sooth your heart with his soft voice.







For when you reminisce coloured skinny jeans, bangs, your crush for Oliver Sykes and rubber band bracelets

 Can You Feel My Heart by Bring me the horizon

All jokes aside, I’m so glad that they are playing and I’m sure many of you are as well. They are playing on March 17th at Uniprix Stadium, see you all there!





For looking out of your window in the back seat of your friend’s car on a long road trip (too specific much?)

Ophelia by The Lumineers

For folk lovers like me, it’s a must go to event/highlight the month of March. Their songs are simply beautiful and the lyrics will make you dreamy. I call March 18th at Bell Center a date.





For long walks in the snow

Redifine by Trentemøller

Long synth lines, modern but with a dash of new wave influences the perfect trio for a chill vibe. On March 22nd at Corona Theatre, you’ll get the chance to experience what I like to call a fucking great evening.




You can purchase your tickets here!










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