Glossier has changed the beauty game once again.

After 248 formulations, the popular millennial beauty brand has released their newest sensation: Lash Slick. This mascara was created as the perfect everyday tool to elevate your natural beauty look.

Lash Slick lifts, curls and sculpts each eyelash, lengthening each lash and enhances their natural look instead of clumping them together or coating them in layers of product. The formula coats each lash with microscopic fibers from root to tip to lengthen the lash, while the film-form formula lifts and curls each lash to hold them in place from day to night. If that wasn’t enough, the formula is water-resistant (not waterproof!), so it won’t smear during the day but will easily wash off with warm water before bed.

As a massive Glossier fan myself, I was extremely excited to try the new formula. I have been searching for a new mascara to use that wasn’t going to smudge during a sweaty spin class and could take me from day to night. While I swear by many of the Glossier products (Balm Dot Com, the Priming Moisturizer Rich, Boy Brow and Mega Greens Galaxy are my personal favourites), I have been disappointed with some of their latest offerings. However, deducing they were releasing a mascara after seeing teasers across the Glossier and Into the Gloss channels, I woke up last week on their launch day and immediately purchased a mascara.

The company’s customer service is unparalleled. The G-Team, as they call themselves, are on top of your every need and ensure happy customers everywhere. I ordered my mascara around 8 AM, and by 11 AM, I received an email saying that they had mislabeled the product as vegan when it actually contains beeswax, and proactively refunded my entire order (I also stocked up on Boy Brow) despite the fact it had been processed for shipment. A big error but a mighty save. My pretty package – decked out with their signature millennial pink interior and holding the bubble-wrap bag that is so cute you have to keep it around, arrived a week earlier than the predicted delivery date (score!) and I ran home from the DTK office to tear open my box.

My initial reaction was that they FINALLY made a product that is “normal” sized. I remember when I first ordered Boy Brow how shocked I was that the tube was the size of my pinkie. How could something that’s $20 be so small?! Nevertheless, I find myself using it every day, and a little tube goes a long way. When I received my Lash Slick, I noticed it was comparable in size to the Sephora Brand mascaras. It was certainly bigger than my Better Than Sex Mascara by Too Faced. When I opened the tube, I was also surprised with how simplistic the wand was. Many of my previous mascaras have had fancy bumps and twists in the wand design, all promising to do extravagant things to my eyelashes. I was once told by a makeup artist that it is the wand that makes the mascara, and the formula generally stays the same from brand to brand. Glossier proved them wrong.

Immediately after application, I noticed a huge difference. My eyes popped. My eyelashes were so long. I felt confident. I sent a selfie to a few friends, and they all immediately responded in a showering of compliments. The next day, I applied my new mascara in the morning, spent the day working at the DTK office, and finished off my afternoon with a spin class and then out with some friends for dinner. Not only did Lash Slick withstand my entire workday, but it remained flawless throughout all the pumps and dips of a SPINCO class, and my friends were complimenting me at dinner on my eyelashes as if I had applied Lash Slick moments before.

It is truly incredible how Glossier is able to transform a seemingly simple concept into a life-changing product. They really want each one of their customers to shine in their own natural beauty but know exactly the right details to enhance to ensure we look our best. The impressive effects of Lash Slick have restored my faith in the company after their hyper-growth expansion and the recent multibillion-dollar round of funding. Glossier is revolutionizing the beauty industry again, one eyelash at a time.



LASH SLICK. Available now in Canada (excluding QC) for $20.00 on

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