Coach 1941’s Stuart Vevers has been taking us on a cross-country road trip for the past few seasons, and his latest stop is in the netherworld of Los Angeles. Vevers first visited la la land when he was 21, visiting the famed Viper Room, a rock club settled on Sunset Strip. Enlisting the Viper Room as a collaborator, he took inspiration from the sounds of Nick Cave, Marilyn Manson, and the cool, dark, nostalgic glamour of ’70s rock ‘n roll and twisted it with a grungier side of the West Coast to create an eclectic East Coast-meets-West Coast parade.

While last season for Coach had models gliding with ethereal spirit, a trail of chiffon following their witchy attitudes, the new collection brings an edge to the brand. The club collaboration introduces rockstar tailoring, and a mashup of fabrics, textures, and prints to truly emulate the glam-grunge vibes of the best bands’ stage wear.

For Coach, their customer isn’t thinking about lounging on a beach during pre-spring 2019; she’s looking for a party. The collection includes seasonally appropriate fabrics, like chunky knits of palm tree prints, patchwork shearlings, and suedes. We’re seeing faded denim and gem tones, leather jackets accompanied with raw-hemmed miniskirts and sprinkles of Art Deco-style trims. There is a western charm with a rugged edge that charts a new territory outside a typical resort season show, something impressive for a brand who is recognized globally for their monogrammed bags toted by preteens.

It’s rare to see a collection where you see such versatility in each singular piece but you’re also able to truly value the cohesive styling consistent throughout the entire presentation. If there was ever a time to take styling inspiration from a singular show or redefine what your vision of a hipster or a cool guy/girl means, this is the one to do it.