Armani Privé’s latest production was the pinnacle of the couture craft. Each look is elegant and beautifully tailored as if it was taken straight out of a movie’s stereotypic montage of Paris Fashion Week. It was, without a doubt, gorgeous. The press notes put it best: “A sculptural, almost regal style.”

The show was mainly in black and white, made up of pieces that could sit in a closet for decades and always remain the most fashionable item. Hints of bright Barbie pink brought a youthful nostalgia to a predominately discreet and dignified collection. There were 96 looks that paraded through the spotless salons of the Italian Embassy, capturing an authentic essence of luxury.

An impressive cast of models glided along the runway; a mix of freshman and veterans, some wildly thin and others adding a little sexiness with their more sculpted silhouettes. Nothing was out of place, everything exquisitely crafted. In a hype-beast dominated industry, the 30-minute show, prefaced by cocktails in the embassy’s garden, offered a civilized breath to a chaotic, sneaker-dominated world.

Armani’s offerings of wearable couture – clean lines, smart jackets, simple pants, plunging yet tasteful necklines, long velvet skirts – proved that the notion of dressing up isn’t dead. With teases of colour, and one arm-crossing illusion, the Italian legend isn’t giving up his couture crown to anyone.

While the designs were certainly less avant-garde than the brand’s couture counterparts, and this could’ve been a stand-out RTW collection, we can all agree that it is because of collections like this, the influence of Armani will certainly live on for decades, if not centuries, to come.

Photos from Vogue Runway.