Instagram has forever changed the way we share our lives, and our selfies, with our families, friends, and complete strangers. Every year there seems to be a new social media movement, and so DTK is recapping Instagram’s most talked about moments of 2015.



Essena O’Neill quits social media. This Australian model made quite the statement when she deleted her account. Famous on both Instagram and YouTube for flaunting her ‘glamorous’ every day life, she came to the realization that pretending her life was a perfect image of happiness was simply not the truth. She released a video on her Youtube channel explaining why she was erasing herself from social media. She then took to Instagram to change the captions on all her photos to show her fans what was really happening when these photographs were taken, and how she felt at the time, shining light on the ugly truth.



And while everything Essena is doing sounds very courageous and honest, let me remind you that there are always two sides to the story. Currently writing her first book entitled ”How To Be Social Media Famous” her public revelation may be one way for the model to attract an audience and gain more visibility. In her rant, Essena tells her audience she was paid to promote products she genuinely disliked on her Instagram. She claims that many of the photos were taken over 100 times before ever being posted, and that she was miserable doing this job.

Close friends of the model claim that her rant about social media and her time spent in LA is all a PR stunt. So let us wonder, is her book about how she managed to make a career off lying to her followers on her Instagram account or is it about what came after, when she supposedly broke free from this fake industry. I guess we will just have to wait for her book to find out.



One couple, one destination, one pose, that’s all it took for people to start adopting their hand in hand concept. It’s the work of photographer Murad Osmann and his wif Nataly Zakharova, letting us see a glimpse of some of their romantic getaways. The follow me to project was then created by some admirers, encouraging everyone to submit some romantic pictures. So get yourself a buddy, a destination, and a camera, and get ready to make a lot of people jealous!




We all heard about the controversy regarding Kylie Jenner’s lips. While I think that people should be outraged by the fact that she played with what her mama gave her, especially at such a young age, most teenagers took her as an example and declared it #lipgoals. Since we can’t all afford to use the same process, some geniuses found a cheaper way to achieve the same result with only the use of a shot glass.

All you need to do is put your lips in it, suck all the air out of it, and voilà, you got yourself some perfectly full lips. The only problem being that this home procedure is quite dangerous,  causing more #lipfails than the desired effect. You can now admire bruised lips from all around the world, once again proving that getting likes is more important than your credibility.




Miley Cyrus certainly gave us a lot to talk about this year. Apart from her obvious love for marijuana, she strongly believes that women’s bodies shouldn’t have to be censored. With that in mind, she started posting selfies with as little coverage as possible to get #freethenipple trending, and a lot of people got onboard.

Many celebrities decided to show their support by doing the same, some more controversial than others. Willow Smith, who is only 15 years old, posted a picture of herself  wearing a see-through shirt. The important thing is that she is standing up for something she believes in, and for that, there is no age minimum. You go girls!




Miley Cyrus was not the only former Disney star to make some waves on Instagram in 2015. Selena Gomez managed to make a statement when she decided to wear a size too small bikini at the beach. Of course her haters took this opportunity to point it out as soon as the paparazzi’s pictures surfaced, mentioning that she should start working out and eating less.

Selena is known for not allowing negative comments get to her, and this time was no different. She retaliated by posting a picture of herself laying in the sun in a way more flattering bathing suit, proving to everyone that she’s got nothing to be ashamed off with the hashtag #theresmoretolove. I salute you Miss Gomez, it’s time to stop this fat-shaming nonsense, and you’re classy self sure showed haters and fans that killing em with kindness is the way to go.