It can get pretty annoying having to carry your shoes around to every event you attend in the winter, you simply just can’t imagine wearing your cocktail dress with a pair of giant snow boots. Once you realize that walking in the snow with your heels isn’t quite the best option—and for having tried it, potentially freakin dangerous—you resign yourself to boring shoes until spring’s arrival.

Time to rejoice fashionistas, spring is almost here, and with it comes some very trendy footwear!



It’s a hybrid between a sandal and a loafer, for the girl who simply can’t decide which one she wants to wear. As a huge fan of flats, I find this model to be chic enough to be worn with any fancy outfit or at a black tie event.



Probably the most buzzed about shoe trend, the rainbow laces spotted at Chloé gave everybody major sunny-days envy! I like this fresh take on the gladiators that already put us in the mood for our first beach escapade of the season.



This slim version of the original Sk8-Hi is the perfect match for the girl who knows she can mix style and comfort. The new model is great for a night on the town that includes lots of walking and a variety of cool hang out spots.



These shoes are what beautiful nudes and minimal accessoires are all about! It is an everyday wear with just the right amount of elegance to turn your casual spring outfit into a more polished one.



Marc Jacobs

Marc Jacob’s take on cowboy boots is definitely colorful! These shoes seem to belong to a galactic princess on the quest for the edgiest look possible. If you want to go for heels this season, I encourage you to try on this bold option.



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