By Christine-Elizabeth Laprade

Are we the only ones feeling like summer ended a mere few days ago? Having a hard time adjusting to your demanding work schedule, acclimating to the changing of season (a skirt one day, a puffer jacket the next), shorter days and scarce daylight, no more late night rooftop rosé-sipping? Get ready to bid goodbye to your beloved “summertime and the livin’ is easy” rhythm for good! Here are a few gadgets we find handy to make it through fall transitioning and when dealing with outside stress factors- be it physical, environmental or mental. Are you ready? Three, two, one: exhale…




V-Line Lifting Eye Cream by Valmont

Swanky & esteemed Swiss anti-ageing beauty line Valmont strikes again with AWF5, a highly specific dual-line solution to fight the most visible signs of ageing. The cult luxury line had one particular goal in mind when it launched AWF5: to fill, lift, and plump dramatically. This proprietary complex comes 6 years after Prime AWF. AWF5, its sequel, is comprised of 5 cutting-edge ingredients and legendary molecules used in the dermo-cosmetics world. Its unicity lies in the fact that it targets all components in the skin’s structure, to plump and smooth troublesome areas. To the rescue, the best of the best ingredients: vitamin c (banish brown spots), a peptide cocktail (adios, wrinkles!), an ingredient that boosts elasticity and another that promotes cell renewal The brand, which opened a flagship store in Vancouver last year,  is known to use the best of the best local ingredients from the Swiss Alps such as pure glacier water, local honey and a slew of other coveted Alpine resources. Slightly scented and an unctuous, sensual texture to boot! Wears like a balm yet feels like a gel! We likey. Firms up tired under eye bags, densifies the delicate skin surrounding the eyes, smooths those hard-to-miss wrinkles especially after a sleepless night. A MUST, especially after a summer of pure dolce farniente ($305,00). FYI: Valmont just launched 2 lines, AWF5 V-Line Lifting and AWF5 V-Shape Filling, which contain 5 times more active ingredient than any of its competitors, should you need some extra beauty backup. Wonderful.

Mia Smart and Mia Prima by Clarisonic

The OG of skin cleansing is making waves again! Its legions of fans around the world (literally) should rejoice, as there’s some new kids on the block to the rescue. Full disclosure: we’re truly obsessed with the Mia facial cleansing brushes. User-friendly to use, with a brush head indicator that lets you know when it’s time to get a new head, gentle bristles that are uber efficient at cleansing makeup and sebum, we thought it could not get any better but we were naïve. Mia Prima ($129) features one mode, stops vibrating after one minute (indicating the end of the cleansing, and that the skin is now thoroughly clean), a sensitive brush head, is fully waterproof and has a super sleek look that will last 60 uses per charge (via a USB cable). What’s incredible is that its head is genuinely sensitive-skin suitable, yet does a stellar job at exfoliating the skin on a daily basis without aggravating the epidermis. Fun fact: the brush actually lets the skin acclimate to the device for the first 2 weeks of usage, then gradually climbs to full power mode! Simply brilliant. But wait! There is more: meet Mia Smart ($229), a 3-in-1 connected sonic beauty device. We’re talking cleansing yes (daily cleanse, gentle cleanse, smart mode), but also firming massages and even makeup blending! The Bluetooth-compatible device is a game-changer with its 3 smart action modes. Suitable for the face, neck and the décolleté. We’re kind blown away. Amongst its multiple, clinically-proven benefits? Pore shrinking, radiance booster increased beauty cream absorption and smoothed features, on top of removing makeup 6x better than your hands would… Hello, Santa! We’re been particularly good this year… Relaxing, radiance-boosting, Clarisonic certainly helps stack the odds in our favour when nights are short and stress shows on our skin.

Sheer Healthy Glow Tinted Moisturizer Les Beiges de Chanel

A luminous instant veil that smoothes out imperfections and unifies the complexion in a matter of seconds. Available in 6 various colours for the most natural results possible. A cross between a primer and a foundation, this embellishing tinted moisturizer should be kept in your handbag at all times! For one, it can be applied on a whim, with one’s fingertips, in a cab, without a mirror. And secondly, the finish is flawless. Three, the super lightweight formula acts as a protective layer. The results are so natural looking (yet divine) that one might forget they are wearing it! It’s all about subtlety yet efficiency here, as with any Chanel beauty formula. An environmental aggressor fighter, a skin comforter and hydration purveyor, this newly Light formulated, easy-to-use fluid checks all the right boxes ($60). A simple all-around fix when time is scarce and you wish to look your best.


Ultime Comfort by IDC

We love the brand’s very scientific, all-around approach to fight signs of ageing. IDC has gained ground these past few years with its multipronged approach (we are talking tackling on average 6 age-related issues at a time, all this thanks to one single tube). We are talking high concentration,  potent formulas, patented technology aka Regen(16) (IDC claims to tackle no less than 16 causes of ageing skin!), this serum genuinely does it all. Lightweight, lightly tinted, leaves the skin glowing, not sticky, beautified, lightly scented.  IDC can do no wrong and has recently started offering highly specific problem-solving skincare.  We also dig the fact that their formulas aren’t tested on animals. ($109,99)


Watery Essence by Institut Esthederm

We love this Parisian skincare house. There’s something about its subtly perfumes notes and its minimalistic yet chic packaging, the perennial, sultry summery vibes it emanates…  Infamous for its line of after-sun, incredibly indulgent and nourishing oils and skin beautifying formulas, Institut Esthederm is now branching out into skin detox territory. This watery essence is nothing like a serum, no moisturizing cream or toner, either. Make room in your beauty arsenal and routine for this grand cru. Here’s why: this skin water-inspired formula is applied onto clean skin, before your day or night serum (or any beauty cream for that matter).The epidermis being more receptive to skincare application, its resistance to stress is also increased. What a delightful gem! ($39)

Dramatically Different Hydrating Jelly by Clinique

Its stealth mission is pretty straight-forward: 24-Hour Hydration Repair + Pollution Protection. Instantly cools the skin and chills out any inflammation (we love how refreshing it leaves our skin!). The water-jelly texture has many of us r-a-v-i-n-g, and although the clear square bottle looks pretty cool aesthetically, it’s its efficiency that made it earn our seal of approval. In vitro testing has revealed that a dutiful application makes skin 87% less vulnerable to pollution, on average. Oil-free and non-sticky, this airy jelly improves the skin resilience to stress while leaving it glowing (as it locks in moisture for up to 24 hours). Infused with cooling & thirst-quenching cucumber extract, glycerin, barley & sunflower seed cake. Because anti-pollution skincare is THE number one ally of any city dweller, and also why wouldn’t youhave fun with your beauty routine and make your eyes brighter, especially when weekdays seem endless? ($36)



Ultrasonic Diffuser Humidifier by Puressentiel

Easy to get your hands on, this pharmacy-carried line of essential oils is a GEM. Good for the mind and a peace-keeper at work, it provides a calming effect when everything goes awry, provided you add a few drops of your fave essential oil (lavender, cocooning, sweet orange, a relaxation blend) into its diffusion system. Making the most out of nature’s efficacy and keeping cool when things heat up, this device has multi usages! By humidifying the air, it unclogs stuffy sinuses (Autumn’s allergies are a thing), is super quiet, offers 3 types of diffusion, has a large water reservoir and is colour changing. One can choose to purify the air thanks to a specific essential oil blend, to unwind and stay zen, or simply to perk up their mood. Don’t be afraid to play around and keep several essential oils on hand ($54,99).


Treasured Body Gift Set by Arya Essentials

We’re madly in love with this luxurious Canadian, all-natural newcomer. And it’s not just us- Harper’s bazaar Vogue and Forbes dig it, too! Because natural ingredients make us feel good and look good, it’s a proven fact, we find solace in the fact that we can treat ourselves to a luxury bath ritual. We’re talking sensual, delectable scents and textures. Noble, precious and pure ingredients, just like its founder Shadoh Punnapuzha, had intended. Bio-dynamic, time-honoured concoctions that are all about healing, comforting, and coexist peacefully in a hectic modern-day world. Super chic packaging, real smart ingredient list, heady natural fragrances that will take your mind off of work and your personal problems. No dyes or artificial fragrances or anything harmful, synthetic. Only heritage and knowledge. A god sent. We told you it was incredible! ($95)