No matter what you do, and even if you ignore it or try to make do without it, you know it takes the right tools to achieve the desired result. This applies to beauty as well! Of course, applying makeup organically with your fingers can work too, but the right brush might save you some mess and time. Give your makeup, skincare, and hair what it deserves with this selection of the best  BEAUTY TOOLS, which will surely upgrade your routine and turn you into your own beauty expert.

By Mayillah Ezekiel

We can’t talk about the art of beauty without mentioning the importance of these tools. How important is a good makeup brush? If you ever asked yourself if finding a quality makeup brush makes a difference, the answer is yes! Using the right brush can be the difference between flawless and undistinguished. Think of it as an investment! It not only helps you control the quantity of makeup you use, saving you some money in the long run, but a high-quality brush can be utilized for years. Regardless of the information available through various articles or by the advisor at your local beauty store, take the time to analyze and discern your needs. You don’t necessarily need to buy a 20-piece brush set. If you usually wear light makeup, you might only need two or three brushes.

Think of it as an investment!

Give your new acquisitions the respect they deserve by taking care for them properly. It is recommended to wash your tools monthly with a gentle cleanser or brush shampoo in lukewarm water (hot water can cause bristles to fall out). Rinse well, squeeze out the excess water, reshape, and let the brushes dry. Spritz them weekly with an alcohol-free brush cleanser to instantly purify and remove any makeup residue. Keeping your brushes clean reduces the risks of transferring bacteria onto your skin that could cause breakouts.

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