Living the dream in downtown Montreal!

Almost every girl working in the fashion industry has pinched herself at least once in her career over a surreal moment. The kind that makes you feel like a character straight out of a Sex and the City episode. That is exactly the kind of feeling Mayillah and I had when we stepped in our executive suite for a night at the Loews Hotel Vogue in Montreal.

Located in the heart of downtown Montreal, the prestigious hotel is well known for its contemporary design and luxurious feel. To add to the overall decadent experience, one of the finest restaurants in Montreal, La Société, is located in the hotel. In typical Parisian bistro fashion, they offer to their hungry and posh customers fresh oysters, seafood platters, burgers, and champagne cocktails. The restaurant also delivers 24 hour in-room dining service to all guests.



I think by now, you can see a bit more clearly the kind of place we were spending the night in. More like our very own private apartment, the suite was fully equipped with a kitchenette full of champagne and wine bottles. There was also a dinning room and living room with a fire-place, where we took the time to cool down upon our arrival. That is when we decided to explore the suite further, and soon realized that we had two bathrooms, a.k.a the dream.

One was furnished with a jacuzzi and a mini television, with enough space to host a dance contest and possibly the most comfortable bathtub ever. The second bathroom was mostly the same but without the television or jacuzzi. To be honest, what caught our attention were the  mini bottles of Davines shampoo and conditioner provided to us. As two good beauty addicts, we were excited that one of our favorite hair care brands was available for our comfort.



The bedroom itself was very spacious with a king size bed big enough for three people. The design choices were a nice reminder of the hotel’s name, with frames on the wall featuring vintage Vogue Magazine covers. While looking at the whole suite, we thought for a few minutes about hiding somewhere so we could stay here forever.

See you next time Loews Hotel Vogue!


-To learn more about Loews Hotel Vogue or book your next stay, you can visit them here. The hotel is also the proud partner of Le Chaînon, an organism that helps and guides women in need. They are hosting together RELUXE, a fashion happening that will take place May 25th, aiming to collect founds for the organisation.




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