While every couple on this planet are already making their reservation to the fanciest restaurant in town and buying boxes of heart shaped chocolate, others might be looking for something a little more original. I suggest you head over to the Old Port because this year love is not in the air, it’s on the water.

Bota Bota spa-sur-l’eau didn’t take long to make a name for itself and get ranked as one of the best spas is Montreal over the short time they have been in business, and it’s quite obvious why. I guess there’s something about being on an out-of-order ferry that’s very appealing.

This Valentine’s Day is the perfect time to treat yourself right as Bota Bota offers 2 special packages designed specifically to enjoy the experience with your loved one.



The Ice Breaker package, available on February 12th, 13th and 14th, will give you access to the water circuit where you will decompress and enjoy some quality time with your lover. Share a delicious three course meal prepared for the romantic occasion and don’t forget to take a break from gazing into each other’s eyes once in a while to admire the beautiful Montreal skyline. To make sure that you feel the romance, cellist Zhou Fang will accompany you as you make a toast with your included glass of wine.

Only on February 14th, The Harp package will be available for couples in need of a major relaxation session. The music of the harp will play in sync with the natural flow of the St-Laurent River to slowly rock you as you both receive a massage, side-by-side.

For all you single people out there, you don’t need to feel left alone. Bota Bota offers plenty of packages still available so you can  pamper yourself the way you deserve to be.




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