The launch of Joolz Bar à Bijoux’s online boutique

Whether you’re looking for classic Swarovski diamond earrings or to distinguish yourself with a unique item from their house brand JOOLZ, you will be pleased by this jewelry bar’s elegant offerings. Customers are always welcome to take their time to shop around while sipping on a glass of wine or a perfectly brewed espresso. I had a chance to experience this exclusive treatment as they celebrated the launch of their online boutique this week.

Being part of a generation where social media plays a large role in our daily lives, the necklaces featuring a hashtag particularly charmed me. DJ Maddielonglegz made sure there was no place for awkward silence while decadent hors d’oeuvres made their way through the small crowd.

Mini vegan cupcakes and a platter of cheese and grapes were laid out on glass counters, ensuring the crowd was getting a good look at the jewelry selection every time we reached for a bite. Cookies that had been specially created for the event brandishing the brands logo were also distributed around the boutique to welcome guests. #howcute.



Niucoco Official Lauch Party

I’m pretty sure I can speak for every attending guest when I say that the M Salon got the “girls night out” theme completely figured out. The catering couldn’t have been better; vegan sushi garnished with fried sweet potatoes, roasted red peppers, and eggplants did not fail to impress.

The vegan lime-coconut donuts from Léché Desserts were the perfect treat to satisfy our sweet tooth cravings while the champagne made the fact that I was stuffing my face with fried dough quite glamorous.

Lime-coconut, clever choice of flavour considering the product of the hour is coconut oil based. Guests were also given the opportunity to get a quick blowout, allowing them to try on the product while pop music played in the background.

This concoction should definitely be featured on your wish list, not only it is filled with natural ingredients, but it is free of any harsh detergents like sulphates, phthalates, and artificial fragrances. An entire line of hair products that are good for you and the environment, I’m going to call this one a winner.



Spinning class at b.cycle

I tried a spinning class once in my life and after 10 minutes in, I told myself never again. When I was invited to try out this new spinning studio, I was extremely hesitant, but sometimes you need to gather all your strength and face your fears. So that’s what I did by going to b.cycle with a group of friends. I was expecting to work hard but I was certainly not expecting to have so much fun!

This is more than your typical spinning class at your local gym, this place take spinning to another level. The staff hand you specialized shoes adapted for your bike, which makes it really easy to adopt the right position. Once the class starts, lights go down and pop music turns up. Once in a while we are asked to sprint for 30 seconds, at which point our names appeared on the big screens facing the class to reveal our scores.

This technique has a way of brining out everyone’s competitive side like nothing else, and that’s when we really gave it our all. Little movements were also incorporated into the routine to switch it up, kind of like push ups and weight lifting.

To help your body recover from this heart-pumping session, fresh pressed juices from Jus Pur are available for purchase. We didn’t even have our feet out the door when we began making plans to come back for another class. So if you have ever had a bad experience with spinning like I once did, b.cycle is the place you want to try, trust me!