The event was glamorous and educational, with every detail meticulously designed to promote vegan-based living.

By Daisy Mellar



On November 22, not-for-profit organization Abstractions gained great momentum with its 3rd running VIP dinner party series hosted at the Drake Commissary in Toronto. One-hundred guests were invited to enjoy an elegant, completely vegan, multi-course, and wine-paired evening, created under the guidance of Zachary Albertsen, Chef de Cuisine of The Drake Hotel. “It’s been exciting to develop a special vegan menu for Abstractions,” said Chef Albertsen. “Not only has it been a fun experience, but this is something that is naturally beneficial for everyone and we are thrilled to be a part of the event,”.

All proceeds for this remarkable event went to the Vegan Society of Canada and the attendees, which consisted of influencers in the arts and business worlds, were encouraged to discuss ways in which meaningful changes can be set in motion to promote veganism.

Abstractions Founder Aris Andrulakis (a vegan since 2015) says: “When I began the series my intentions were simply to throw a dinner party for close friends who were leaders in the arts and business, featuring a menu that was entirely vegan to stimulate conversations. Today, the Abstractions’ footprint has well surpassed my network, and I’m thrilled to see how it has evolved into something not only educational and impactful in driving awareness for veganism, but also is lots of fun.”.

Dress to Kill strongly supports and admires Abstractions in their movement, wishing them very well in their bright future.


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