When the coolest “it girl” teams up with the trendiest denim company…

Everybody who’s into fashion and celebrities has heard the name Alexa Chung.  She’s the “it girl” sitting in the front row during fashion week. She’s more than just a pretty girl. Chung brings along her sparkly personality to the crowd of celebrities and has her own unique sense of style with her distinct signature look. Each of her Instagram posts obtain over 10,000 likes, which makes it easy to understand why every company would love to collaborate with her. There’s one brand who found a way to stand out to Chung with their high-end designs and particular business approach: AG Jeans.

Launched in 2000 by Yul Ku – the founder of lucrative Koos Manufacturing- the L.A. brand is all about making sure that every step of crafting a pair of their jeans takes place under their roof (without a single exception). Well known for their denim washes and perfect fits, it is easy to understand why Alexa would want to launch a capsule collection with the brand.  Working closely through every step of the production process with AG Jeans, she has made sure that each piece of clothing reflects what she would wear on a day to day basis. The result? A perfect casual-chic vibe, that includes retro denim dresses to the wide leg jeans. The whole collection includes trendy basics that will never go out of style, which makes it a smart choice for every consumer who is an advocate of the slow fashion movement (quality over quantity).

There’s good news for those who are already fans of this special collection! Chung will team up with AG Jeans to launch another collection this fall! Until then, you can shop the entire collection on their website.


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