Chanel was founded over 100 years ago during a time in which the word ‘technology’ certainly had a completely diverse meaning. As one of the world’s most recognizable brands, it has done more than stand the test of time, having surpassed generations as a style forerunner. The French house upholds its infamous global status by tapping into the future. Today more than ever, the historic brand continues to make headway just like it did when debuting with masculine colours and the Chanel suit.

Chanel‘s Fashion President Bruno Pavlovsky with Farfetch’s Founder & CEO Jose Neve.
Credit: Olivier Saillant

Harnessing talent is nothing new to Chanel. After a stellar kick-off to her career, images rolled out of today’s “it-girl” Kaia Gerber in the latest Spring 2018 Chanel Handbag Campaign. Shot by Karl himself, Gerber draped lavishly on none other than Coco Chanel’s couch surrounded by lush interiors and the iconic designer’s personal objects wearing tweeds and a black and white dress. As the historical facade juxtaposed with the face of a new generation of top models, the campaign highlights three bags in particular: the Gabrielle, the 11.2, and the Boy. Kaia who is definitely the model of the moment, can now check a Chanel Campaign off her list.

Synonymous with the best and being a fashion exemplar, Chanel constantly recognizes talent across categories. Noted for its avant-garde approach, the brand is in constant association with greatness, so the most recent ambassador selection comes of no surprise. Margot Robbie, the recent Academy Award Nominee who starred in and produced I Tonya, has been announced as an official face of the Maison. The Australian-born actress began her career at age 17 and debuted opposite infamous Leonardo DiCaprio in The Wolfe of Wall street. From wearing Chanel at the 23rd annual Critics Choice Awards to the custom Chanel Haute Couture gown made by Karl himself paired with Chanel fine jewelry and makeup at the 90th Academy Awards. Robbie has remained loyal to Chanel stating that “it’s a dream to represent such a timeless and iconic brand,” in the official release.

From announcements to campaign launches, the historic luxury brand manages to stay top-of-mind in a world of constant content turnover. As a forerunner in the fashion industry, the iconic French house has revealed a unique partnership: Chanel and Farfetch. After a seven-month work-in-progress, the brand has released a multiyear partnership in which the two companies will work towards a variety of digital developments taking place both on and offline. Farfetch was founded by José Neves in 2007 and is now a global luxury e-commerce platform that prides itself in the customer experience. Combining Chanel’s infamous in-store and customer service with digital savvy Farfetch, the two will create an augmented reality in-store which will enhance the overall customer experience. Chanel’s President, Bruno Pavlosvky stated in the official Press release that the brand is “confident that Farfetch’s innovative technology will help us develop an even more outstanding customer journey by combining a great e-service offering with a genuine CHANEL boutique experience.” As the first of many future projects, the two companies will roll out the first partnership of its kind in the retail luxury sector.