We totally understand you hate the idea of wearing an oversized fluffy pink jacket.  To help you add a little bit of edge to your dark side, we laid out some some tips and tricks on how to be the master of the #allblackeverything look.


Mix casual and chic items together

If you want to wear that dressy skirt you bought for all your Christmas’s parties, pair it with your favorite comfy sweater to tone down the look, and go for loafers instead of any high heels. It’s a look that you can easily wear to the office if you’re woking in a creative environment.


Go for some textures

Playing with textures is the best way to ensure a dark outfit is everything but boring. Go for the fuzziest and fringiest items and be a fashion wizard by mixing leather and suede together. Even though that option might not be for the faint of the heart, rest reassured that you won’t look like a teddy bear if your fashion sense is on point.

Wear a statement piece

If you want to spend your money wisely, go for a timeless item that will instantly become a staple in your wardrobe. A chic leather biker jacket is a great exemple of an item that adds an edge to any outfit, even if you’re not wearing much colour.


Walk on the masculine side

The boys club carries the best inspiration when you don’t feel like the girliest girl in town. There is nothing sexier than a confident woman wearing a suit fit for a man on a night out. You can also go a step further by wearing combat boots and pairing the look with a man’s watch.


Photography: Calope

Fashion Editor: Sonia Chedli

Makeup and Hair: Shawna Downing

Models: Charlotte,  Zheng and Alexa with  Elite Toronto



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