Amber Valletta, supermodel known for her keen interest in sustainability, will star in the new Conscious and Conscious Exclusive collections campaign.

“I’m very excited about working with the H&M Conscious campaign, because we share the same values about sustainability. This collection shows that you can be mindful about people and the environment and fashion-conscious at the same time. I simply love the designs, and the fact that all the pieces are made from organic, recycled and cellulose fabrics shows that fashion and sustainability aren’t about compromise anymore,” says Amber Valletta.

The Conscious collection will offer key fashion pieces, made from more sustainable materials such as 100 percent recycled cotton, Tencel® and hemp. On the other hand, Ever Manifesto, a think tank for sustainable fashion and design will collaborate on the Conscious Exclusive collection.

The Conscious collection will be available in all H&M stores that carry womenswear while the Conscious Exclusive collection will be in 150 selected H&M stores worldwide.


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