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Amirali’s debut album « In Time » released on Damian Lazarus’ blowup label Crosstown Rebels is most certainly one of the best EP’s of 2012, well, at least according to myself and most of my fanatic music friends. Amirali’s act comprises of a live Ableton set as well as his low-key, haunting and enigmatic vocals. Think Depeche Mode propelled into 2013 with a blend of sounds that are inspired from the Art Department’s disco-house craze that also has a side-dish of Ricardo Villalobos’ minimalistic funkiness.  He re-edits his material on the go, tailoring to his audience with loops, effects and at times a faster pitch to enhance the energy level.  His sound, which can only be described as an avant-garde blend of electronica, synth-pop, house, downtempo and ambient – will have you dancing all night. I guarantee it.


You will find below the Facebook event page as well as a link to purchase tickets.


-Meeve Tetreault