Dating can be a nightmare, but with new apps and WEBSITES being released on the fly, connecting with people with similar interests and tastes has never been easier. We put together a list of the most innovative modern dating tools; so, get out your phone (we know it’s already in your hand) and get ready to meet likeminded individuals.

By Bianca Taylor 


For those who want to upgrade from Tinder

Founded by an ex Tinder employee, Bumble is like Tinder’s wiser older cousin who has changed the rules of the dating game. Run by a predominantly female team, the app resembles Tinder, but with a twist. If two people mutually swipe right, they’re added to a “hive” of connections that lasts 24 hours. If the woman does not reach out to the man within this time frame, the match disappears. There’s one caveat: men can extend one match per day for an additional 24 hours. The app also has options for same sex relationships, but either party can send the first message.




For anyone obsessed with their dog

We all have that one friend that everyone makes fun of for being obsessed with his or her dog. They go on and on for hours about their pet’s diet, exercise regime, and the new tricks they’ve learned. Now single dog lovers can finally get together to discuss their pets for hours on end without judgment or eye rolls. Upload a picture of you and your dog. If you swipe left (which means “yes, I like”) to a dog owner and they do the same, it’s a match! This gives a whole new meaning to the term doggy style.



For the urban flâneur

Remember that good-looking person you made eye contact with? You kicked yourself for not chatting with them because you’ll probably never find them again. HAPPN’s philosophy is, “why should we go on dating websites when we encounter dozens of people every day, in real life?” HAPPN helps you connect with people who you’ve crossed paths with. Every time you cross paths with a user, their profile automatically appears. If you like each other, you can begin a conversation and see where it takes you.

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