Lipstick in Betty Bright

Archie's Girls Lipglass in Kiss & Don't Tell

Archie's Girls Lipstick in RonnieRed

Archie's Girls Lipstick in Boyfriend Stealer

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MAC Cosmetics Archies Girls collection
Archie's Girls Lipglass in Kiss & Don't Tell

Growing up I used to love reading Archie comics (maybe that’s where my thing for red headed boys started?). As an avid reader, I could never choose sides between the scheming brunette, Veronica, or the all-American goody-goody, Betty. Archie, it seems, was just a poor bystandard in the war between good and evil. Who hasn’t felt that sharp split between being a good girl and a bad one? And to thicken the plot: sometimes Betty would let her bad side out and, then, you might catch Veronica becoming a goody two-shoes. It’s quite fitting that, for their Valentines Day offering, M.A.C. would release a whole collection devoted to Betty and Veronica.

Whether you choose to be a vampy vixen or a blonde bombshell, there will be plenty of glam to go around. Betty is all about pinks and peachy colours, and the Veronica collection is cool-hued, with violets and purples. The standouts are the lip colours (blame it on my lipstick addiction) the bright coral lipstick in Betty Bright and matching Lipglass in Kiss & Don’t Tell are, both, electric. While on the dark side (Veronica) Ronnie Red, a blue hued red lip colour, and the deep plum lipstick in Boyfriend Stealer are winners. If anything else, the makeup bags and brush set with embossed tin, are great collector’s pieces for those of us who are misty-eyed nostalgics.

—Eva Bilinska


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