Designing the Body: Mr. Pearl

Mr. Pearl’s corsets have legendary shape in the world of fashion. As a corsetier (corsetmaker), Mr. Pearl practices an art and skill that was long thought to have died. The beauty of corsets have captivated him so much that he’s been wearing one since the age of 30, giving him a slender waistline of just 45.7 cm. His work is admired by the biggest names in fashion: Galliano, McQueen, Westwood, Lacroix, Mugler and Gaultier. The following is a rare interview with the man of the shadow.

Shan: Above the Wave

Chantal Lévesque is a woman who always looks towards the future. Smart and creative, for over 25 years she has dared to push boundaries and markets. After conquering the States, France, Spain and further east, such as Russia and Ukraine, Lévesque now has her eyes set on Asia.