Stepping out onto a carpet of coloured leaves, the Chanel Fall/Winter 2018 runway began under barren, high-reaching trees. Debuting against the blue sky of the Grand Palais, the rich palette of fall was highlighted by the soft sun of an Indian summer. The sadness of a season was revitalized by the glow of the summer past.

One golden boot followed another as classic tweeds and their alternatives, ranging from frayed to woven, stepped silently onto the coloured pathway. Details like elongated coloured scarves and faux fur cuffs with feathered detailing cozied up to long coats with distinctive collars, brushing delicately along the forest floor.

Coloured fingerless gloves peeked out from under sleeves garnished with interlaced gold chains. Craftsmanship was accentuated with peplum twists for the Chanel suit and attentively cut pencil skirt lines. Oversized trousers, flashes of metallic hues derived from the autumn golds, draped sleeves, a twist on the modern cape, and floral patterns were paired with delicate pink. Hair was whisked into tight top knots exposing mismatching earrings and accentuating feminine silhouettes.

The 31 bag created by Karl was introduced to the Chanel tribe as a large shopper created with leather and quilted leather, tweed, or printed cotton canvas. The infamous 11.2 bag was revitalized with jewel-encrusted bark. The Gabrielle bag became miniature, and the Camellia a glistening log.

The evening portion was draped in black, where leather met lace. There was organza and tulle, ruffles and softness, and encasing zigzag ribbons and sequins that were never too evident. Intricate latticework revealed the intricacy of veins as elbow-grazing gloves were stained in the tears from nature once in full bloom.

The innovation of a brand created over 100 years ago reminds us that like the seasons, everything gets reborn in all its grandeur and immaculacy, just as Chanel’s latest collection debut.

Credit: Olivier Saillant

Credit: Olivier Saillant