Learn more about these naturally beautifying all-stars who made the cut!

You are now becoming that girl who wants to glow from the inside out as you try to eat as healthy as possible. This means you are starting to buy all organic products and you cringe when someone tries convincing you that your quest for a healthier life is useless. The next thing on your list is to switch your regular beauty products for all organic ones, something that the luxury addict inside you might find a little bit difficult.

Dont’ worry, there are many beauty brands that are high quality and chemical-free ! To help you on your quest to becoming the most glorious version of yourself, I compiled a list of all my favorite organic beauty brands.



All the cool girls have the RMS Living Luminizer inside their purse, it adds just the perfect amount of glow to the face. This highlighter is made of only organic ingredients such as coconut oil and rosemary extract. The brand also offers a killer concealer named “un cover up” that acts as a true eraser for those bags under your eyes, which are without a doubt not from designers.




This beauty brand is the secret weapon I wish I could keep only for myself.  Th brand’s philosophy is all about offering efficient products in their purest form. Earlier this year they launched a Vitamin C serum for the prestigious Parisian boutique Colette, which I had the pleasure of trying. It’s the bomb! It boosts your skin to produce more collagen and awakens your winter skin from its dull sleep.



After learning how exposed we are to chemicals on a daily basis, especially when it comes to our hair and skin products, the founder of World decided to create a line of beauty products that are toxic free and safe for the whole family. Described as “clean beauty”, the line delivers efficient multi-purpose products that are super gentle on the skin.



If you are living in Montreal,  you will be happy to know that all these products are available at Annie Young Comestiques!



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Hair: Rafael Estrella.
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