Have your heard the news? Canada is cool! With our younger – and sexier – Prime Minister and an array of bands trending outside the country, we are establishing ourselves as trendsetters. That might explain why so many avant-garde events are blossoming onto our schedule this summer.


As a bright and shiny example, the CANIFF (Canadian International Fashion Film Festival) will take place – for the first time ever – on July 22 and 23, 2016 in Calgary. With the mission of exploring the diverse landscape of fashion in film by presenting the public some of the genre’s best, they will certainly help put emerging talent upfront. Their jury, composed of renowned worldwide artistic personalities, will pick the best in each of the award categories.



Focusing on three distinct themes –fashion, beauty and lifestyle- their ten categories range from Best Fashion Film and Best Emerging Talent to Best Styling. All the movies submitted are a minimum of 45 second and maximum 25 minutes, while expressing a strong stylish and personal take on the genre. Since fashion film is still, in a certain way, a new medium, the possibilities for reinvention are almost infinite.

At the helm of the project are the co-founders Antonija Klotz and Katrina Olson-Mottahed, who describe themselves as film connoisseurs with a curious nature. They share a passion for everything artistic and cultural. Their mission? Change the way we think about the fashion by using cinema as the medium. With CANIFFF, they invite the public to explore the diverse landscape of fashion through film lenses focused on beauty, lifestyle and luxury.


Get your tickets on their website.


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