Boston Calling is the festival we’ve all been looking for!

I am a big lover of music festivals. I like the heat of the sun on my skin as I watch one of my favorite bands playing, a drink in my hand.  It’s probably one of the best feelings in the world, along with sharing the experience with others fellow music lovers. The problem is, over the years, many festivals have turned into a freak show -I’m obviously being gentle here- where you go more to be seen than enjoy the music. This is why I started to look for events that would give me the true summer festival experience I was looking for.

Launched in 2013, the Boston Calling festival – taking place at the Harvard Athletic Complex- seems like the answer to my prayers. Along with having a strong lineup of artists from diverse musical genres, the festival also presents renown stand up comedians like Tig Notaro, Hannibal Buress and Eugene Mirman. Curious to learn more about it? Take a look at the list of the artists I am more than excited to see perform, before heading to their official website to get all the infos regarding the access, the extensive (and yummy) food and drink vendor selection, and of course, to purchase your tickets!


Solange – May 26

Sorry Beyonce fans, but in the Knowles family, I will always pick Solange.


Bon Iver – May 26

I can’t hold my excitation to be finally able to see perform the singer who gave us the best album of 2016.


The XX – May 27

Since the release of their new album back in January, it’s been on repeat on my Spotify accound as the antidote against any bad day.


Run The Jewels – May 28

I first discovered them when Brooklyn rapper-producer El-P and Atlanta’s Killer Mike’s debut dropped in June 2013, immediately standing out with their statements and sharp lyrics.


Whitney – May 26

Whitney delivers songs tainted by a strong dose of nostalgia that makes you want to hit the road with no destination in mind.


Francis & The Ligths – May 26

The self-made R&B artist is reputated to deliver a solid and unique performance everytime he performs live.