Say hello to Brasserie 701!

Well known among the foodies for many years now, the chic Suite 701 has undergone major changes to become Brasserie 701. With a brand new vibe and a chic decor, the new version of the restaurant wants to emphasize the splendid architecture of the place along with adding a modern touch to the mix.

During their big opening night, I had the chance of tasting their new menu, and let me say oh my you are in for a treat. They have a dish to satisfy everyone, from the hardcore meat lover to the vegetarian who is looking  to be impress by an elegant meal. I was particularly happy with their gnocchi made with smoked cheddar cheese and fresh basil. To be honest, I prefer by far this version of the restaurant that is more sophisticated and less lounge looking than the one before.

Couldn’t make it for the oppening? Take a look below at our favorite moments of the night, while planning your upcoming visit to Brasserie 701.