When Bruce Weber proclaims himself your brand’s cheerleader, it’s clear that your future is nothing short rainbows and sunshine.

This is clearly the case for Lands’ End. Their newly minted multimedia holiday campaign, We Believe in You, shot by non other than iconic American photographer himself, is a captivating portrayal of holiday cheer. The sentimental campaign captures special moments of happiness between different generations of families and friends. It’s the all American dream captured in a short ninety second video.

Beautiful people (they look like the hottest quarterbacks and cheerleaders statewide) wearing beautiful classic American pieces — think stripes, plaid shirts, cords, and knits —laugh and gloriously dance around a field to an uplifting soundtrack.

Call me an emotional wreck but the video campaign seriously brought tears to my eyes. It reminded me of those precious holiday memories of laughing with my family or awkwardly dancing to traditional Italian music with my grandmother — although we are not nearly as good-looking or well dressed. Watch the video bellow to get into the holiday spirit!





Apparently, I am not the only one with premature holiday bliss. “The holidays are filled with the glory of love, hope, gratitude and quality time spent with loved ones, embracing the warmth of family and the appreciation of good friends. Within this campaign, Bruce Weber did a beautiful job bringing my vision to life and capturing the spirit and heart of Lands’ End at the holidays through real, emotional connections with children, parents and grandparents”, says Federica Marchionni, Chief Executive Officer at Lands’ End.

Check out some of our favorite items from their holiday collection. Visit landsend.com to find the perfect gift for all the picky people in your life. I highly recommend their knits. They’re always on point and chic.



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