Having an amazing tgif night while celebrating everything that makes Veuve Clicquot a creative brand.

Every time I go to Pandore in Montreal, I end up feeling like it’s one of those rare places in the city where people still know how to have fun.  And by fun, I mean, partying all night long in a glamorous decor.  The bar itself almost steals the spotlight with its light and gold details while the stained glass adds a dramatic effect. The location in Quartier Latin can surprise some, since the neighbourhood is known for its sports bars rather than its nightlife. However, this might be the reason for its success. Patrons go there to drink a nice glass of wine and taste their seafood specialities — all while taking in the view of the city from their rooftop.

Last night was no exception when I arrived to cover their special event for Yelloweek’s celebrations.  I arrived early (for once), ready to make the most of the night. I was graciously welcomed by a glass of –bien entendu– Veuve Clicquot. The cabaret inspired setting was absolutely decadent! You would almost believe you were in a movie celebrating the glamorous twenties while watching ladies dressed in sexy yellow suits and performers dancing on the bar. Everything was luxurious, from the many bottles of champagne to the chic crowd of socialites having a blast. The banquet, created by their chef Louis Roy, highlighted their new tasty menu which includes grilled octopus, lobster salad, and a duo of meat seasoned with honey and herbs.


While talking to the others guests, I realised it was unanimous: the night was real success! I had to leave earlier with a heavy heart because I felt like the night was only beginning. I took a last look at the crowd who was dancing before heading back into the elevator which was transformed into a fancy garden for the occasions.

Until May 7th, you can also celebrate the Yelloweek throught different events taking place in Montreal, but also in Toronto, Calgary, Edmonton, and Vancouver. Under the theme of ” Let life surprise you”, it’s the perfect occasion to put the spolight on each city and everything that makes them a festive destination. For more details, you can visit their website.




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