CAFA just unveiled the nominations for this year edition!

The renown Canadian actress Karine Vanasse was the one to announce this year nominations, during a ceremony at the Thompson Landry Galleryin in Toronto’s Distillery District. The 4th edition of the gala will take place on April 7th and already promises to be a wonderful night of celebrations surrounding Canadian talent within the arts and fashion community. You can look at the full list of nominees on CAFA’s official website.

Here are DTK, we are proud to have two of our most notorious and long time collaborators – Max Abadian (photographer) and Cary Tauben (fashion stylist) – nominated for their hard work and talent. Their unique vision and personal take on fashion is what makes them real game changers in an industry sometimes way too stuck in the past.

Read below their story and discover their most significant work with us over the last year.


“Ever since he was a child going through his mother’s fashion magazines, Max Abadian has always had an appreciation for images and a perchant for all things aesthetic. Picking up a camera came naturally to Max at the age of 10 as he started documenting his life picture by picture. This evolved into a career as a photographer, which has allowed Max to collaborate with a variety of artists. His unequivocal eye and fastidious attention to detail have been the cursors to his success in fashion and celebrity photography. Max has shot many known faces such as Lady Gaga, Julianne Moore, Daria Werbowy, and Jennifer Lawrence just to name a few.”



“As a stylist, I believe it is my task to create dreams within this reality. Fashion has no boundaries and it is with love, passion and dedication that I show the depths of my imagination through styling. The ideologies of personal style were passed down to me by the ferocity that was my grandmother. She taught me to understand that fashion is more than just an article of clothing, but a form of expression used to state one’s individuality. I draw most of my inspiration, however, from what and who I see on a daily basis. I believe that street style is an essential part of fashion. It is how many of us emote our feelings and understanding of fashion at any given moment. I am eternally blessed to be able to forge an exciting career out of doing what i love: making my fashion dreams your fashion reality.”