Converse has now an e-shop on its Canadian website and it might be time to hide your credit card!

Have you ever watched a baby giraffe trying to walk a few minutes after its birth? It can barely stay on its tiny legs and looks more like a drunk person than the proud and tall animal its about to turn into. Well, this is exactly what I look like when I try to walk a fast pace with heels on. Since I prefer to save my pride and be comfortable, I always pack sneakers with me wherever I have to go in the world.

When I learned that Converse was -finally- launching a e-shop on its Canadian website allowing us to shop each and every of their models, my first thought was what a perfect timing! See, I was about to leave for a trip in France and I was desperately in need of a new pair. I ordered it three days before leaving, knowing deep down that the chances to get it before I jump in the plane were thin. Imagine my surprise when I received them the following day! Yes, not even 24 hours after having fallen in love with the perfect pair of black and white high top, it was waiting for me outside my door.

Maybe Converse were late to the internet game, but they clearly know how to make up for it!