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When I learned, earlier this year, that H&M was about to launch an e-shop for its Canadian consumers, my heart skipped a beat. I couldn’t believe that I would soon be able to shop my favorites fashionable items from my sofa without having to fight with a 16-year-old over a fluffy oversized jacket.

Well… the wait is over my dear fellow fashionistas, the brand made its online shopping section accessible to Canada yesterday. In the only purpose of this article -yeah, right- I sacrificed some of my time to browse their never ending selection of trendy items and make my picks.



Biker jacket – $59.99 

Your best friend when you snoozed way too late and have to dress up in five minutes, by grabbing the t-shirt on your bedroom’s floor.



Faux Fur Jacket – $79,99 

This jacket is for when you can’t simply deal with the cold weather outside but still want to look like the most fab version of myself.


Shopper with ties – $29.99 

If you’re the kind of girl that can leave her home with the strict minimum and be ok for the rest of the day, congratulations. If otherwise, you belong to the category who needs to bring her whole pharmacy, panties and think twice about leaving with her cat, you will feel the appeal of this shopper bag.



Long shirt – $29,99 

This shirt screams to the outside world that you are grown and can take over any kind of task and will succeed. They simply didn’t notice yet the coffee stains you are trying to hide on your sleeve.



Lace bralette – $29.99 

This is for the fancy lady inside you who has a thing for everything made with lace­.





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