We often see jewellery as something to be bought as a gift. But have you ever wanted to get yourself something special?

This was the idea behind Toronto’s most coveted fine jewellery company, Mejuri. Founded in 2013, the forward-thinking brand has won the hearts of fans across the globe with their modern take on timeless classics. Co-founder and CEO Noura Sakkijha is a third-generation jeweller but started her career in engineering when she realized that her passion for everyday fine jewelry was shared by many. Early on, she teamed up with Creative Director Justine Lançon, who had just arrived in Montreal from Paris and established a direct-to-consumer brand that re-launched in early 2015.

Made by women, for women, Mejuri makes it possible to wear fine jewellery in all facets of one’s life. The fresh and contemporary designs are crafted by Lançon and Sakkijha and offered at accessible prices. Their staff is over 80% female and invests their efforts in creating pieces women want to buy for themselves. We recently spoke with Lançon, who explained, “Our first inspiration is women and how they style products. It’s not necessarily the design itself, but it’s how you’re going to layer the pieces, how you’ll wear hoops. Women are in the heart of everything we design.”

The pair are very focused on enduring designs. Lançon says she finds her inspiration from “a lot of watching women around us, friends – really how women wear the product… I’m really inspired by shapes. We’re going to launch really soon a collection inspired by sculpture.” She continues, “Something we like to do is taking a classic and twisting it. Jewellery has been around for so many years: we’re not designing huge crazy designs. We are looking at the detail… It’s really about tweaking meanings, taking something traditional and making it on trend. A lot of our designs are timeless. They might be trending now, but you can still wear it in 10 years.”

Mejuri Diamond Black Enamel Ring


Every Monday, Mejuri drops new pieces online. The business model, reminiscent of the ever-popular streetwear brand Supreme, is a fantastic way to consistently engage customers and quickly adapt to demands. “It’s not to be compared to fast fashion. It’s a totally different process. It’s linked to the way we design products.” Lançon tells us, “We don’t design in an abstract, disconnected way. We design with women in mind, with a theme. We are inspired by what is around us: we are very in the moment, very pragmatic. It starts very organically. We were thinking of the season – what do you want to wear now in spring? What do you want to wear in two months? It is very different. This way we are connected with the community. If you design a look to wear in 6 months, it can feel very disconnected. We like the idea of limited editions, limited batches. Every drop is 1 to 3 products. It’s a way to curate. People are waiting for the drop.”

The weekly drop has garnered hundreds of thousands of fans, all waiting with great anticipation.  A quick look at their Instagram (which has over 455k followers) shows thousands of likes and hundreds of comments, all expressing excitement for the pieces to come. And the numbers prove it: since launching in 2015, Mejuri has raised $38 million in funding, changing the way the world purchases jewellery.

One of their latest collection releases was the Gem Edition. Designed to with balance, clarity, and calmness in mind, the collection features healing stones including rose quartz, black spinel, blue lapis, and blue lace agate.

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“We were looking at traditional designs and how fine jewellery used gemstones. We like to add a twist, make the design exactly how we envision it. We play around and make it very sleek, very personal to Mejuri. When you think about gemstones, you think about meanings, you think about taking care of yourself – so we added meaning to the collection that is rooted in taking care of yourself.” Lançon says of the design process.

Wellness is core to Mejuri’s ethos. But it’s not all about green juices and hot yoga – their vision of wellness centers around paying gratitude to yourself and believing in luxury habits. Their designs – which are more affordably priced than many of their fine jewellery counterparts – redefine what luxury is. Lançon explains, “It’s not about a product, it’s about an attitude. When you buy a product, you are taking care of yourself; luxury can be found in detail and doesn’t have to be expensive. It can be just a product you feel good about because it’s precious, because it’s ethical. We’re all about the lifestyle around it. We are building a community.”

This community exists both digitally and IRL. The Canadian brand built a showroom in Toronto to bring their digital experience to real life, designing a store where women are encouraged to play with the pieces. They’ve also expanded across the border, setting up shop in New York City’s stylish SoHo. For some launches, they’ve been known to host events, such as the Tarot Card tents celebrating the release of their Tarot Card collection. “Our events are very organic and tied to what we do with product and launch. It’s about women empowerment, women in business. It is something we care a lot about,” Lançon says.

Another important pillar of the brand is sustainability and ethics. Mejuri has certifications honouring their commitment to better manufacturing. “The first, and most important thing, is the relationship we have with our manufacturers. They are people we know personally and who we have met. So, we have this relationship, this trust, which is key to guarantee the ethics for everything that is sourced and designed. It’s very important for us,” Lançon divulges. They maintain transparency on their website, stating their diamonds are conflict-free and even proudly featuring their Seoul-based manufacturer, Mr. Chae.   

For Lançon, the Mejuri pieces need to syndicate timeless style with contemporary trends. What women want is at the forefront of the design process. “Women love having pieces with meaning. Not cheesy meaning – something for yourself. We had the zodiac collection, and we had a lot of fun around it… Something we’ve launched recently is the Today Edition. We designed them as stackable wedding bands that a woman can buy for herself. We were inspired when we launched engagement rings and realized women were buying them for themselves. Actually, this also a trend – women buying really cool gifts as reminders, like doing a really good at your job. I love it.”

The Today Edition is actually Lançon’s favourite piece she’s designed. “I love the simplicity of the design, it’s timeless. You want to wear it now, you want to wear it forever. I love it because it has enamel and diamonds – the contrast adds an edge to the ring but it’s very timeless.”

Today Edition Rings


You can find Justine’s favourite rings and more on Mejuri.com or through their social channels, which tease the new products before their weekly drops. To experience Mejuri in real life, visit the Toronto or NYC showrooms!