The ethereal designs Ana Borrallo created for the St. Paul Hotel is what turned her into one of the most sought-after residential designer in the city. She studied interior design in her native Spain before moving to Canada two decades ago.

Ana Borrallo’s designs are contemporary, channelling the Bauhaus aesthetic, while incorporating elements of other cultures. The interior designer is influenced by her Spanish heritage, but also by Canada’s diversity and lifestyle. Space and light are the most important elements in Borrallo’s designs. She compares the two elements with the human body. “If we take care of our body, any piece of clothing will look good on it” she says. The designer’s main focus is on making sure the light and space are well balanced and proportioned. “A design needs to be integral” says Borrallo. When she takes on a project, every element needs to come together as a whole.

In the future, designer Ana Borrallo plans on opening a private gallery, in which art objects from furniture pieces to necklaces will be presented and sold.

– Stephanie Mercier Voyer


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