Cartel; born of luxury principles and strictly curated timeless aesthetics, is striving to present an option to those seeking an alternative to the current “fast fashion” climate. Designed in Montreal’s historic St Henri neighbourhood, the brand strongly reflects an understanding of the subtle beauty of the natural aging of a high quality, yet accessibly priced, item.

Cartel’s understanding of timeless design coupled with strict attention to detail, is mainly embodied in the brand’s lead designer and co-founder Davis Guay. The PEI born and Italian schooled designer has garnered an incredible amount of experience working with men’s and women’s shoes in all corners of the world, including Italy, Portugal, Mexico and currently his residual Montréal borough of St Henri.

Davis explains that “with a commitment to quality, producing only in leathers, right down to the sole; we’ve already captured the attention of a marketplace hungry for a brand with a clear vision.” Touching on the trade secrets behind the success and value of the brand, Davis further elaborates: “When you’re able to tap into something on an almost visceral level, as I find myself doing with Cartel, a certain clarity lends itself to the project in a very natural way.”

Even though the autumn leafs barely had a chance to land on the ground, few styles from Cartel’s very first and limited A/W’ 15 collection are left to buy online. Through Cartel’s powerful industry alliance with Ponyride distribution, the collection has an impressive representation in trendsetting stores across all major cities of the country. Cartel’s heavily anticipated follow up S/S’16 season is set to be expanding to US stores as well.

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