Discover a new sound with MOON by Simaudio products that will take you to a new level of musical ecstasy.

Since its founding in 1980, Simaudio Ltd. has amassed numerous awards for their line of luxurious high-performance consumer electronics. With a rare 10-year guarantee on their products, which are engineered and built in Canada, this company focuses on delivering world-class sound through strict quality control.



A company with a corporate social responsibility to the world we live in, MOON products impart minimal carbon footprints on the environment. “It is therefore a priority to employ materials, processes and work with suppliers that also prioritize this green philosophy. MOON products are designed to last a long time, which minimizes forced obsolescence, reduces landfill, and preserves your investment.” – Simaudio



The MOON line’s special edition products are truly art forms in themselves.  The 24k gold accent signature finish is available on all current Evolution Series models. No less than 7 coats of black paint, hand-buffed in between each coat, are applied. For their 30th anniversary special edition, the MOON 750D DAC and MOON 600i Integrated Amplifier were introduced with a 30 year guarantee, making for a fabulous collector’s piece.



“MiND (MOON intelligent Network Device) is much more than a product. It is a way of organizing, listening to, and enjoying your music. MiND technology streams music from your digital music library to your audio system, allowing playback via your amplifier and speakers. “Your library can consist of music stored on your computer, on a Network Attached Storage (NAS) device, or you can simply stream music from a variety of internet sources.” – Simaudio

This year on the Toronto leg of their 35th anniversary tour, MOON by Simaudio hosted a private party at Executive Stereo. Owner and former sound engineer Ed Stone had quite an impressive collection of past works hidden in his backroom. Visit his blog to read about the most entertaining and fun experiences in his 24 years as a recording engineer. Special guests of the night included Canadian contemporary artist Melanie Durrant, who gave an outstanding live performance, Canadian pop artist Victoria Duffield, and Canadian hip-hop recording artist Rich Kidd.

A big thank you to Karine Delage from Karyzma Agency for organizing this evening!

images courtesy of Simaudio