By: Brenna Dixon

Born in the Northern German city of Hamburg, Karl Lagerfeld returned to his birthplace like none other. The pre-fall 2018 collection for Chanel channeled the very existence of his childhood, drawing on inspiration from the atmosphere in which it debuted.

1960’s non-conformists in peaked hats and thigh high boots, sailor-esque pants topped with cable knits and officer inspired uniform-chic revamps lived together in a reminiscent culturally-chic world by the sea.



The entire collection put an array of excellence on display at Chanel from millenary work to an abundance of Scottish cashmere complimented by intricate embroidery and astonishing jewelry. Bootie bows gleamed contrasting the heavy ribbed leg warmers as hats morphe garnishing each outfit perfectly with the exquisite balance of femininity and structure.

Paying homage to his hometown after all these years thanks to the Herzog & de Meuron Elbphilharmonie building.  The structure towers over the Hamburg port with it’s glass peaks reaching high into the sky like sails. The extraordinary architectural facade, his birthplace and the phenomenal craftsmanship put forth for the collection undoubtedly make the Chanel Méteiers d’Art Show 2018 one of Karl’s most notable to date.