The city of love is undeniably a fashion capital and has been for ages. Home to some of the biggest fashion powerhouses, Paris was recently the host of the Chanel Fall-Winter 17/18 Haute Couture collection show. Underneath the glass ceiling of the Grand Palais stood a 38m tall reproduction of Paris’s most important landmark: the Eiffel tower.



The Fall/Winter 17-18 collection is a stunning ode to Parisian fashion, featuring fitted double-breasted jackets, long tunics, delicate fingerless gloves, and a lot of tweed. Feathers and volume also find their way amongst the vintage, European-esque outfits, always staying true to classic autumnal colors ranging from dark greens to burgundies.



Nighttime looks screamed femininity, from black silk tulle to blue chiffon, without ever forgetting about satin. Gowns of all shapes and lengths sparkled like the Eiffel tower on a romantic night, some showing a bit more skin than others. And, of course, the little black dress Mademoiselle herself helped popularized made an appearance. Last but not least, the beautiful bride waltzed down the runway, dressed in a simple, vintage-inspired white double-faced satin dress adorned with garlands of feathers.



Many may have recognized members of the star-studded audience, amongst them Kristen Stewart, Pharrell Williams, Cara Delevingne, Zhou Xun, Liu Wen, Sofia Coppola, and even more. From the French label’s newest muse to its ambassadors, the show certainly blew more than one person’s mind. The show ended when Karl Lagerfeld was awarded the Grand Vermeil de la Ville de Paris medal by none other than Anne Hidalgo, the Mayor of Paris. The award is the highest distinction in the city, and honors both Lagerfeld’s creativity and the role he had in expanding Parisian fashion internationally.