Chanel‘s SS15 show during Paris fashion week is a fine example of where the worlds of the current news and high fashion collide. With residents in Hong Kong protesting for pro-democracy and other parts of the world putting on demonstrations for women’s rights, Karl Lagerfeld is staging his own mock demonstration on a make shift street titled Boulevard Chanel.

From first glance it might’ve seemed like a regular parisian street, but upon closer inspection reveals a wooden construction inside the Grand Palais with real curb side puddles. Casually dress models strolled down the make shift street titled Boulevard Chanel in groups of duos and trios dressed in a variety of streamlined heritage Chanel tweed attire. Protest march and fashion show all in one, Karl Lagerfeld has always been known to be a apolitical figure making remarks such as “I’m in fashion. Politics is not my job” and perhaps the designer is making a cynical remark with fashion commenting on culture at large with well-dressed models in the latest collection from the Parisian fashion house protesting everything that seems to be wrong with the world.



In the past Karl Lagerfeld has been quoted to be saying phrases such as , “no one wants to see curvy women”, “everything I say is a joke, I’m a joke myself”, “I am basically the most superficial person in the world” and now with slogans such as “Ladies First”, “Feminist But Feminine”, and “Boys Should Get Pregnant Too”, it’s hard not to wonder if this is all just a riotous production in a attempt at making press from the latest feminist trend instead of voicing support for the actual political/feminist movement. Despite the much talked about finale, the silhouette of the clothes were made with easy movement and looked effortless taking a an easier approach to luxury fashion making a nod nearly centuries later to the iconic fashion house’s founder Gabrielle Chanel.

Is Karl Lagerfeld supporting feminism or riding the latest trend?  what are your thoughts?


Photos courtesy of Chanel



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