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Chanel — The J12 Moonphase

 1381343733 Chanel   The J12 Moonphase

J12 Moon­phase White

535435117 Chanel   The J12 Moonphase

J12 Moon­phase Black

 Chanel   The J12 Moonphase

J12 Moon­phase Chro­matic High Jewelry

 Chanel   The J12 Moonphase

J12 Moon­phase White with Diamonds

 Chanel   The J12 Moonphase

J12 Moon­phase Black with Diamonds

 Chanel   The J12 Moonphase

J12 Moon­phase High Jewelry

 1025338602 Chanel   The J12 Moonphase
 682733805 Chanel   The J12 Moonphase
757156890 Chanel   The J12 Moonphase
 1731994728 Chanel   The J12 Moonphase
 1922592904 Chanel   The J12 Moonphase
 1177545343 Chanel   The J12 Moonphase

The J12 — the first watch icon of the 21st cen­tury that trans­formed high-tech ceramic into a pre­cious mate­r­ial — once again dis­plays its pas­sion for re-invention with­out ever los­ing a sin­gle ounce of its inim­itable charm.

Ten years after hav­ing truly affirmed white as part of the watch­mak­ing galaxy, the J12 watch goes even fur­ther, higher up into deep space to the heart of a swarm of comets, and onwards to the moon star. The Moon­phase is a com­plex mech­a­nism that dis­plays the dif­fer­ent phases of the moon: new moon, first quar­ter, full moon and the last quar­ter.  Unlike clas­sic moon phase watches where the phases appear through an aper­ture, those of the J12 Moon­phase watch are dis­played on a deep-blue aven­turine disc sparkling like a summer’s night. Posi­tioned at 6 o’clock, the disc fea­tures the four main phases of the moon and is adorned with a lit­tle ser­pen­tine hand in pol­ished steel.

In black or white high-tech ceramic, set with dia­monds or in a jew­elry ver­sion in tita­nium ceramic, the J12 Moon­phase con­cen­trates in its genes all the clas­sic power of fem­i­nine seduc­tion and cre­ative spirit of CHANEL.

Source: Chanel


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