J12 Moonphase White

J12 Moonphase Black

J12 Moonphase Chromatic High Jewelry

J12 Moonphase White with Diamonds

J12 Moonphase Black with Diamonds

J12 Moonphase High Jewelry

J12 Moonphase White_sky
J12 Moonphase Black_sky
J12 Moonphase Chromatic HJ_sky
J12 Moonphase White with Diamonds_sky
J12 Moonphase Black with Diamonds_sky
J12 Moonphase HJ_sky

The J12 – the first watch icon of the 21st century that transformed high-tech ceramic into a precious material – once again displays its passion for re-invention without ever losing a single ounce of its inimitable charm.

Ten years after having truly affirmed white as part of the watchmaking galaxy, the J12 watch goes even further, higher up into deep space to the heart of a swarm of comets, and onwards to the moon star. The Moonphase is a complex mechanism that displays the different phases of the moon: new moon, first quarter, full moon and the last quarter.  Unlike classic moon phase watches where the phases appear through an aperture, those of the J12 Moonphase watch are displayed on a deep-blue aventurine disc sparkling like a summer’s night. Positioned at 6 o’clock, the disc features the four main phases of the moon and is adorned with a little serpentine hand in polished steel.

In black or white high-tech ceramic, set with diamonds or in a jewelry version in titanium ceramic, the J12 Moonphase concentrates in its genes all the classic power of feminine seduction and creative spirit of CHANEL.

Source: Chanel



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