bannerA real hommage to French haute couture.

The event was seen as the return to beauty with a dose of sunlight. With injections of original Parisian styles of the Second World War, China paid hommage to the 1945 project ‘‘Le Petit Théâtre Dior’’. The first stop of the collection’s world tour in Chengdu, China consisted of twelve installations of the history of the house.

The exhibition of miniature clothes inspired by The Theatre of Fashion in Paris, resembles the original pieces all the way down to the most diligent details. At the time, Christian Dior was working for Lucien Lelong, the designer behind this project and is believed to have helped him create these garments. Two years after, Dior presented the ‘‘New Look’’ with his first Haute Couture presentation in 1947.

Dedicated to the meticulous ‘‘petites mains’’ of the House of Dior, the new exhibition consists of bar suits and ball gowns that emulate the spirit of Christian Dior, all in the proportion’s of a doll house.

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