bannerRather than a simple fashion show, this collection was really a study of Haute Couture fashion and history.

At the beginning of the week, Raf Simons showed his Christian Dior haute couture collection in Paris. The collection was a story that flowed from the history of costume, to the House of Worth all the way up to the current period. Extremely modern, though very historical, the collection promoted architectual construction with a very Dior attitude.

The message was clear that the future is based on the past and this Haute Couture collection was evidence to it.  Divided into 8 themes, Raf simons takes the House of Dior through a historical timeline starting from the 18th century court coats to the uniforms of the first astronauts. The outing started off with gowns with hoop skirts made to be lighter with a tulle structure and gradually moved on to long Edwardian coats and and updated modernized version of the tailoats worn by noblement. Then, a lineup of volumes and classic silhouettes of the 50’s archive Dior that are cleansed and purified.

And now, cue the closing looks. Staright or lightly flared dresses in layered embroidered silk in which technology and tradition are united together. This collection is a journey through time, through centuries of fashion history and costume.

Take a look at the pictures here: