They say it’s the thought that counts, but that doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t make an effort to find the perfect gift for the right person!

While we’re all busy with work or dealing with a stressful end of semester, Christmas is getting closer and stores are getting emptier. We all know how finding the perfect gift can give us a massive headache, and by the time we figure it all out, if we ever do, the item is sold out, forcing us to resort to the “you really didn’t try hard” gift card.

Since there is no such thing as a one size fits all gift, I assembled a personalized gift guide that will help you find exactly what your entourage really wants, and become the best gift giver of the year.


The Fashionista

Probably the easiest one on the list, the fashionista will appreciate anything trendy. Just open a magazine and look for what people are talking about right now. This Too Vogue For You top is perfect to remind the world how glamour she is even on her most casual day.


Too Vogue Muscle Tee, 44$, Nouveau Noir Boutique 


The Boyfriend

Every time you want to bring bae to a fancy event he says he’s got nothing to wear. It’s not his fault his job doesn’t involve wearing a suit and tie. This blazer can be thrown over almost anything to achieve a classy yet trendy look.

Wool Melange Coat, In stores, COS 


The Gym Rat

To that person who always misses social gathering to go to the gym, this bag will allow her to carry her yoga mat, her computer, and her shoes. With a detachable makeup bag incorporated,  she will be able to go straight from the gym to your 5@7 in no time.

Nina Duffle Bag, 140$, Lo


The Hippie

She’s vegan, gluten-free and stays away from all GMO products. She uses coconut oil for everything and reads all the ingredients of every packaging that fall into her hands. This set contains about everything she needs to satisfy her health-conscious taste buds.


The BFF gift set, 87$, Dose 


The Hipster

She hangs out downtown and coffee crawling is what she knows best. She shops only at thrift stores because buying a $120 pair of jeans made in China when you can get classic Levis’ for $20 doesn’t make sense to her. These vintage tea cups with a  soy candle are unique, cute, and useful, you just can’t go wrong with this gift.


Lonely teacup vintage candle, 20$, Dot&Lil 


The Foodie

She’s probably the only person in your friend’s circle that never went on a diet. The kind of person that never uses hunger as an indicator of if she should get dessert or not because she always does. She knows all the good places and never misses a chance to share quality time around a meal.

So why not show her how much you care by giving her a book that will not only show her how to bake delicious sweet treats, but will also make her healthier, one brownie at a time.


Délices Détox by Jacynthe René, 34,95$ 



We all want our mom to feel beautiful and happy in her skin. Sometimes a luxurious skincare kit is all it takes to boost confidence and bring out that natural glow. Remember that she deserves the best, so spending a little extra on this one is totally worth it.


Premier Cru Anti-Aging Set, 99$ 



While it might not be part of dad’s routine to clean, tone, and moisturize his face twice a day, it’s never too late to teach our old man some important skincare rules. With this set on his bathroom shelf, you will redefine the term power couple.


Baxter of California Skin 1.2.3 Kit, 55$, Frank&Oak 



Since not everyone is going to be as thoughtful as you are by trying to find the perfect gift, you might end up collecting those unwanted gift-cards. No one knows you better than yourself, so this year, go for it, treat yourself.


Fourre-tout VELDEN, 350$, Aritzia