Two weeks ago, DTK had the opportunity to attend an night at the W hotel where we had the chance to partake in a inspirational as well as educational exclusive presentation which gave us insider access to Philippe Malouin’s creative process and his unique approach to design.

The award winning designer Philippe Malouin currently resides in London, but two weeks ago he made a special journey to Montreal to share his creative and inspirational process with a exclusive few in the form of a two hour long presentation at the W Montreal. That evening, DTK got to experience what W Happenings does best: an inspiring experience unlike anything else.

For more on the designer and his long journey from his humble beginnings to his award winning designer status of today, head over to to find out more here.

And if you want to check out Philippe Malouin’s projects which I highly suggest, you can find the innovative works of the designer on his website here.

A big thank you to W Hotel, Notable, Umbra Shift, and Uber for bringing the event together!

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