In a empty Paris theatre, Suzy Menkes gazed at the structural jewels donned in audacious shimmery, pondering how Coco Chanel fit into the term of Cafe Society.

The term “Cafe Society” came from the twenties, where the lifestyle of the Duke and Duchess of Windsor were looked down upon with social snobbery, as it suggested a ascension to aristocracy to those who came from the commoners with no royal lineage. When Suzy Menkes glanced up and spotted the ceiling, she began to get the story. The high ceiling of the Paris theatre had a camellia shape to it, and behind its meaning lies Coco Chanel‘s favourite flower. The main inspiration behind the jewels lies in Coco Chanel‘s apartment on Rue Cambron in a small trinket in the form of a decorative cage and in it two mother of pearl love birds.



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