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The Comme Des Garçons SS15 pieces that were inspired by roses and blood that came down the runway during Day 4 of Paris Fashion Week cannot be seen as wearables but rather a compilation of constructive fine art.

Two extremes of emotions – rage and passion were what fuelled the inspiration behind Rei Kawakubo’s Comme Des Garçon SS15 Paris Fashion Week Show. A mayhem of red shredded satin that walked the line between the artistic and the bizarre engulfed the grey curled hair models that moved on down the runway to the sound of Scott Walker mixed with Sunn O))) in red stained boots.

It was a dramatic performance because amidst the sound of the music in the warehouse space on the east end of Paris, the red hue of rage and passion spoke for itself like a deep buried feeling flowing off the wounded pieces of cloth diffusing itself into the air which it surrounds. This raw yet complex collection probably will not see the day of light when summer comes around next year nor will buyers stock their stores with the collection but like every Comme Des Garçons runway show, it’s not made ready-to-wear but more of a impact striking against the confinements that surrounds the industry of fashion.

Picture by Yanni Vlamos /


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