Celebrating 10 years of on point design!

Every time I am traveling and decide to explore the most important shopping streets in the city I’m in, I will inevitably cross the path of someone walking down the streets holding a COS shopping bag. The Swedish brand seems to have a cult of stylish disciples everywhere in the world, mostly because they are selling clothes forever on trend that are the perfect (affordable) investment pieces for any young creative. The consensus among my friends and trendy colleagues seems to be that COS allows you to be the stylish grown-up version of yourself that you always picture in your head, the first time you’re shopping for “office outfits”.



To celebrate their anniversary, the brand has released since March a capsule collection of 10 pieces inspired by Japanese silhouettes. ” The design team took the opportunity to play and experiment in the pattern-cutting process, reimagining the methods behind the design,” explains the creative director Karin Gustafsson.

What made the collection even more stand out is the fact that each garment’s pattern is created like a jigsaw puzzle piece, with the full width of the fabric used, one shape deciding another. These methods create a clean and minimalist collection with collapsing volumes and rectilinear silhouettes.

Take a look below at the video celebrating the brand!




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