Although model CRISTA COBER is Canadian, she embodies the true essence of a Parisian woman in love for Yves Saint Laurent Beauté’s newest fragrance, Mon Paris.


Based in Paris, the new fragrance campaign pays tribute to Yves Saint Laurent’s French origins, all the while portraying a modern day romance in La Ville Lumière, one that is committed, intense and free from all obstacles. Mon Paris, as its name suggests, conveys Parisian elegance, as well as the spontaneity of a woman in love. “Mon Paris tells an unconventional love story. It is an expression of how we love today, inspired by the city of love. It dares you to leap into the unknown,” Nadine Houdeib, Canadian Product Manager for YSL Beauté Canada, tells me during their product launch earlier this season.

The campaign, in which Cober is the protagonist, is just as modern and refreshing as the perfume itself. It tells a story about the most daring of loves. One where the couple is not afraid to take their romance to the next level, as exemplified through shooting at different elevations throughout the city. Case in point: Crista is seen locking lips with her love interest, played by Jérémie Laheurte, in various Parisian locations throughout the campaign – near the Eiffel Tower, in the metro, at a dance club and even on the Opéra Garnier’s rooftop. The fragrance itself is equally daring. Developed by not one, but three, master perfumers, the composition has a fruity start, an intoxicating floral heart and a dark chypre base. With a faceted flacon, trimmed with black ribbon at the neck, it is described as a “very modern twist” on its predecessor. Everything about Mon Paris is daring and audacious and oh-so-current.


Back to Cober, it’s easy to see how she was chosen as the incarnation of this perfume. “Crista Cober was a natural choice for Mon Paris. She’s a free spirit, and a YSL woman par excellence. She is confident and audacious, and represents the independent woman in love,” says Houdeib. In the stunning campaign vid – eo, Cober plays an independent woman, who’s gaze becomes more and more hypnotic in each and every shot. She lets go and gives in to her emotions, taking us along on her whirlwind romance around Paris. It is hard not to feel trans – ported to the city by the passion that she conveys. To get a better sense of Yves Saint Laurent Beauté’s latest muse, I sat down with Cober to chat Paris, Love and, of course, Beauty.

How did you get into modelling?

By accident, really. I was scouted 12 years ago, came down to an agency in Toronto, and then went straight to Paris. I booked my first editorial here in Toronto, and then got calls from agencies to work.

How has the industry changed since you first began ?

The whole industry has evolved within the last 10 years. I think it has become a lot more accessible to people, especially now with digital media.

How have you changed as a model?

I’ve become so different, just with the last 10 years of life experience, and all of my 20’s. I’ve grown into my job, in a way. I definitely have a lot more fun with it now, and I’m a lot more comfortable [in gen – eral]. Just celebrating and enjoying the different projects I undertake, especially one as amazing as this [YSL Mon Paris]!

Mon Paris is your first beauty campaign; how does it feel to be the face of YSL’s new perfume?

I feel so flattered and honoured to work with such an amaz – ing brand, with such amazing people, and just to be part of a project that is so great!

What was it like shooting the Mon Paris campaign ?

It was an incredible week in Paris, shooting in different locations throughout the city. I definitely got to see more of Paris than I ever had before. It was stunning!

What is your favourite place in Paris ?

The Jardins du Luxembourg.

What does Mon Paris evoke in you ?

Definitely that feeling of trusting your heart and following that vertiginous feeling of falling into something, without really fully knowing what it is, and making your own story. It evokes the power and strength behind being a woman in love.

What does love mean to you?

Truly letting go and trusting the moment that you’re in.

What is your beauty regime?

My essentials are definitely a great face wash and a great moisturizer. For makeup, I love a good tinted moisturizer and an eyebrow gel. I also usually wear a red of some sort on my lips when I need an extra pick-me-up or kick of colour for a night out.

What is your favourite beauty product?

Baby Doll mascara by Yves Saint Laurent.

How do you feel when you wear YSL Mon Paris ?

I feel like a strong lover.

Lastly…how do you wear your perfume?

Subtly. A small spray is all it takes.